(Submit Articles) Panther Cards are prepaid debit cards which are associated with the Master Card. They can be recharged and used to shop in all stores, restaurants, bars, and even online. These cards display the Master Card logo. The card also acts as an ATM to withdraw cash anytime and anywhere in the world. The card can be used to receive or issue money orders; make money transfers to holders of other Panther Card holders; and pay utility bills.

How Does It Work?

The card does not allow the user to go into debt. Only money which is in the card can be spent. Also, no interest is paid on the money in the card. The card is issued with a onetime issuing fee, and a small fee for account handling. There are also nominal charges for specialized transactions or requests for these debit cards. However, additional fees are only for special requests and there are no hidden costs.

The account of the Panther Cards is handled using the Customer's reserved area which can only be accessed through the company's website. The Internet banking system service is provided absolutely free of cost. The login information to access your account is provided only after you receive your card. These cards may seem like credit cards but are actually prepaid debit cards. The major difference lies in the funds which are left in the card. The funds are deducted from your account when you make a purchase. You can only make purchases if you have adequate funds in the account. It is as simple as this.

What Do I Do After Receiving The Card?

Your card is usually sent to you within five working days of your application being received and approved. The card will be sent to you at home. As soon as you receive the card, sign it on the back in the box. Signatures are needed for identification reasons. Signatures help avoid illegal or unauthorized use of the card. Apart from signatures, some holders of Panther Cards may be required by some stores to carry some identification document. There is also a CVC2 code which is needed for online transactions or while making purchases over the phone. This code is of three digits, which are printed on the back of the security code. It should not be disclosed to anyone because it is used for online transactions.

Apart from the CVC2 code, there is a pin code of the card which is a 5-digit secret code. This code is needed for ATM and cash withdrawals. Activation instructions would be available in the box carrying the card. The instructions would clearly explain how to activate the money travel cards through the website before any funds are uploaded. Card activation is a fast process, which just takes about one minute.

Recharge instructions are sent through email. The account can be reloaded up to thrice daily with a minimum reload of 10 and maximum of 2,500. There is a recharge fee to cover the administration and operating costs. Panther Cards carry no limit of the amount and balance you can withdraw per month. However, only up to 2,400 can be withdrawn per day from these travel cards. Switch to these useful cards to live life smartly.

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