The Yellow Pages are an ideal ad medium for local businesses because they're so highly targeted, serving the function of search advertising in a print venue. They enable the advertiser to put his or her ad on the very pages they know consumers would be turning to for their products or services.Directories now capture a larger percentage of their gross revenues from online sales than many other traditional media sectors. "Print Yellow Pages are not going to go away," says Larry Small, director of research for the trade group.

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The Small Business tips today will cover the elements you need to know in order to make a Yellow Page advertisement work.

1. First determine if Yellow Page advertising is for you. How many repeat customers open the phone book every time to look you up?
2. Know your customers, your category, and what your competition is doing before ever speaking to a YP sales rep!
3. The 1st ad noticed is the 1st ad called over 50% of the time. Have a strong visual presence to draw attention,such as: HIRE an artist.
4. Customers looking at yellow page advertising are already sold. Give them the benefits & the facts so they'll call YOU.
5. Daily Overview: If Yellow Page advertising is for you, make sure you stand out from the commonly designed ads. Be Different!
Yellow Pages have a major advantage over all other forms of advertising. It’s used precisely when people have decided to buy. They open the directory to check out options and sources. The directory doesn’tcreate their desire, but assists in finding the products and services they want.

A typical telephone directory has 18,000 display ads“”a recipe for sensory overload. Even within any category, readers encounter page after page of look-alikes, all jammed together. So it’s easy for advertisers to get overlooked.
Treats the Yellow Pages like a stand-alone marketing method
It works best for getting new customers, to capture the “undecideds.“ But relying on mostly new business is an inefficient way to operate. An enterprise also needs repeat customers and referrals to balance out the high financial and effort costs necessary to keep attracting new ones. Therefore, a business needs a variety of strategies to keep, as well as find, buyers.

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