(Submit Articles) Like more proceeding site? Is short scrutable .htaccess and skeleton on IIS and dislike XML? Have prettyto hide or secure from visitors? Want more potentialityes for fine-tuning your IIS server?
Then you are at the right door! Helicon Ape 3 is offering closer everything you might have missed from Apache plus a handful couple of proprietary Helicon-Tech-team-invented modules and enhancements put sedate in an intuitive interface having all you need to field your sites close at hand.
If you query “why take Ape?“, we’ll respond to : first, because this is the unmatched all-inclusive decisionfor IIS , secondly, because we really watch about our customers ““ we do value your advices which help make our products better, and we try to cause the best technical support to do your moxie immaculate.
One of the greatest benefit you may appraise as a shared hosting user is that you don’tdemand anyone’s help to set up Ape for your site. You can do it unaided without immersing technician or system administrator. The only requirements are FTP access to your site and Helicon Ape manual installation package. Merely put given files in correct places and relish it working!
Now“¦ what you can pick up with Ape?
-Have your pages available as www.yoursite.com/my-product.htm while the real URLs behind the scene may be www.yoursite.com/products.asp?pid=12
Ape mod_rewrite for IIS makes the above transformation possible in a matter of minutes.
-Change links on pages ““ have pretty links from the previous example without manually editing them.
mod_seo module is complementary to mod_rewrite and replaces links on pages matching specified RegEx-based patterns in accordance with map or database entries.
-Build human-friendly links on pages on the fly - www.yoursite.com/place-hotel-ritz-location-london-street-baker.htm might be better than www.yoursite.com/place.asp?hotel=ritz&location=london&street=piccadilly
mod_linkfreeze is a transparent and productive way to make your links more attractive for SEO.
-Protect your site(s) from unauthorized access in whatever way you like
mod_auth family supports every authentication/authorization option you may need to secure or password-protect your IIS server.
-Generate passwords for IIS authentication right from Ape manager and secure any parts of your site
Built-in password generator will create .htpasswd file (Apache-like password file on your IIS) for you accounting for your preferences in authentication and encryption types.
-Speed-up and lighten your site by compressing and caching incoming and outgoing content
mod_gzip and mod_cache couple perfectly copes with excessive traffic being sent from/to your server.
-Hide your firewall-protected server behind proxy or let firewall-protected clients reach the Internet
mod_proxy (forward and reverse) is a great mask for your server(s) invisible-from-outside or a mediator letting intranet clients access the Internet.
-Enhance stability and accessibility of your apps via load-balancing
Organizing load-balancer with mod_proxy takes away your concerns about site availability in case of any software or hardware issues.
-Avoid leechers stealing traffic from your site
mod_hotlink has 3 protection methods to avoid direct linking to the content under any conditions.
-Tailor your application’s behavior by easily managing environment variables
mod_env and mod_setenvif with extended syntax simplify the way you manipulate environment variables.
-Bind the database to your app and operate it
mod_dbd can serve as a source of data for mod_rewrite rules taking records from virtually any popular database.
-Replace any parts of html body of your pages however you may need
mod_replace may be successfully used to convert links throughout the site to absolute/relative format.
-Fight against attacks aimed at overloading your server and making it unavailable for customers.
mod_evasive offers finely adjustable toolset to defend your servers from (D)DoS attacks and brute force intrusions.
The numberof Helicon Ape modules is already exceeding 35, but we don’tdare steal so much of your time to spotlight all of them, so we have only covered the most popular and helpful ones. Note, that all their functionality is incorporated in a single .htaccess file in the root (or subfolder) of your IIS site. You can see the full list of modules on http://www.helicontech.com/ape/.
One of the questions you may still have is “how much?“. ““ It’s absolutely FREE for up to 3 sites“¦ and is worth $95 for unlimited quantity of sites. Functionality is not limited in either case!
So, there’s hardly any reason to not try Ape, as it makes your server protected, finely configurable and fail-safe, and your sites fast, handsome and customer-oriented.

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