Storage facilities are in great demand all over Canada. All the good ones not only provide you with a storage unit for your use, but also provide moving services, relocation services, as well as logistics for your move. You will find all these services in one convenient place. Storage marts or facilities in all the various provinces in Canada offer a clean environment. These facilities are secure and located in areas that are easily accessible.

Such facilities need to be located in residential areas if they are catering to individuals and in commercial areas if their clientele includes small businesses that need to store their excess inventory and machinery.

Owners of many storage marts ensure that they provide excellent storing facilities in most of the provinces of Canada, such as Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, to name a few.

Features Of Storing Facilities

Most storing facilities have a number of storing units of varying sizes. These vary from the smallest 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 20’ sized units. The smallest storage unit is the size of an average coat closet, whereas the largest 10’ x 20’ is the size of an average one car garage. Most offer units of varying sizes. Other than the standard units, many the top facility providers also provide climate controlled units.

These units are ideal for storing normal furniture, as well as leather furniture. In addition, such units are required if you are storing works of art, wax works, sensitive electronic equipment, expensive musical instruments, and fragile crystal ware. Temperature controlled units can be heated or cooled as required by you. This ensures your possessions are not damaged by insects, pests, rodents, dust, and the vagaries of nature.

A climate controlled storage unit will, of course, be comparatively more expensive than a standard one. These are, however, worth the extra rental you pay for them.

Many storing facilities provide storing areas for parking your cars, boats, yachts, as well as RVs. Whether you are using the facilities for your expensive vehicles or your personal possessions and household furnishings, you are looking for security for your belongings.

Security Arrangements

This is the main concern of people using storing facilities. Owners ensure that their facilities are well lit, both inside and outside. Doors are provided with secured locks and door alarms. This prevents unauthorized access to your individual storage unit. There are adequate fire alarms and water sprinklers.

Storage marts or facilities all over Canada provide 24 x 7 video camera surveillance that covers every space in their premises. Most have electronically controlled gates where access is through secure code. Some have access into their facilities through biometric finger print identification only. These security arrangements make sure that only authorized people can access the facilities.


Rentals are charged on monthly basis, and if you lease your storage unit for longer periods, you may be able to obtain a reasonable discount. Certain storage facilities offer a discount if you lease a unit for a year or more.

Storage facilities in Canada provide complete logistics when you wish to relocate to another place or city. Check for further information on packing, storage and transportation needs.

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