Phoenix, Arizona - Those who are looking for innovative wedding invitations, birthday invitations, wedding shower invitation and greeting cards ideas will find highly amusing. allows users to send highly personalized video invitation messages, birthday cards, Thank You cards, to their loved ones on their special days. Rather than including poems and quotes adding a personal video message will add a human touch to the invitations. Users will be able to create video invitation cards easily using this service and make their invitations more personal than ever.
This is a very unique idea and it has been implemented on the web for the first time. There are number of invitation websites and greeting cards websites that allow users to create online greeting cards and they allow the users to add all kinds of wordings and text but they do not allow the users to add personal videos. This is where stands out. There cannot be a more personal way of inviting loved ones or wish loved ones on their special days than by using video cards.
One need not be an internet wizard to make use of this service. This is a very user friendly system and anyone that can use the computer will be able to easily create their video invitation cards in just few minutes. This can even bring a lot of savings for the wedding couples that are planning for a budget wedding as they do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive wedding invitations.
Users can upload their videos and create highly professional video invitation cards. These video invitation cards can be accessed from any part of the world. When video invitation cards are used as wedding invitations, birthday invitations or birthday cards, it brings people closer. It can break the barrier of distance and help the loved ones remember each other fondly in a more intimate way. This is also a great tool for the family of soldiers. Soldiers will be able to see their family members in the video messages. This is a useful tool not only for soldiers but for everyone that is away from home for example people working in foreign countries or studying abroad. As this website is first of its kind, this will interest investors, corporate bodies and advertisers. For more information on this unique service and to find out how to create personal video invitation cards visit

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