Viewers no longer hitting theatres to watch newly released movies

19 Jan

A recent survey revealed that the urban population still spends more money on movies to past their leisure time. With the weakening of the economy all over the world, more and more people have opted out of the theatre and decided to rent in DVDs to enjoy their favorite movies and series.

The advent of the internet has further aided in people to save money while at the same time still enjoying their favorite movies and series. The key is to find the right web site where individuals can get unlimited access to all the movies they could possibly dream of watching. Experts have revealed that even with the rise of so many web sites dedicated to offering free movies, only few can offer the latest released.

The web site called New and Leaked has become popular overnight after it started offering only the latest movie and series releases for free. One of the biggest movie hits that has had a massive downloads from the web site has been The Hateful Eight. An English movie set in the United States during the post American civil war, it has won over millions of viewers after much anticipation when the trailer was released.

A majority of the viewers at the web site New and Leaked has confirmed to the fact that the anticipation was much worth it. The movie was as excellent as it was advertised in the trailer. The director Quentin Tarantino has also made it even better by his selection of a star studded cast. Set in the Town of Red Rock, although a major part of the movie is set in a single room, viewers still loved it. Rumor has it that the movie is already considered for several nominations at the Oscar award nominations for the current year.  For more informayion please visit


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