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18 Jan

Theodore, Australia - It's no surprise that people have unique home decor styles and tastes. From the modern to the minimalist look, there's a style to suit everyone's fancy. One style that is trending these days is the vintage and retro look.

When it comes to buying homeware for such styles, Vintage Home Decor is the number one choice. The website, located at, features an array of chic and tasteful items. It's a one-stop shop for one's vintage and retro homeware needs.


From vintage door knobs to antique market boxes, this site has them all! Other home decor items on offer include clocks, photo frames, and trays. Vintage Home Decor also provide a range of Christmas decorations and ornaments.

When it comes to decorating one's bedroom, the website has a section packed with linens and lace. There are scores of options on offer, all in a range of beautiful colours and styles. One can even select from a plethora of decorative coat hangers for the wardrobe too!

For the living room, Vintage Home Decor provide many stylish cushions and throws for the sofa. The range also includes the exclusive Michel Design Works cushions.

Light up the way with Vintage Home Decor's fabulous candle holders and scented candles! Anyone with a taste for the retro look will no doubt find it hard to resist getting some for their abode!


Those with a penchant for living in a retro home will wear vintage clothing and accessories too. To match the vintage and retro look of one's home, customers can also select from a range of jewellery.

There are plenty of bracelets and rings on offer. The site even offers for sale some quaint Queen Anne and Victorian jewellery boxes to store them in!


Of course, the vintage and retro feel shouldn't just stop at home decor! Vintage Home Decor sell some fragrant soap gift boxes in a variety of exquisite scents. From cinnamon to lavender, there's something for everyone.

The website also features a line of best-selling potpourri bags. Each one has a beautiful decoration garnished on the exterior. And the bags are available in a variety of colours.

Free shipping

The Vintage Home Decor website makes it quick and easy to select and buy any item. What's more, there is free delivery on orders over $100. A nationwide delivery service is on offer. It matters not where in Australia any order gets delivered.

About Vintage Home Decor

When people look to transform their living spaces with a retro theme in mind, they go to Vintage Home Decor. It's a long-established website that offers a variety of tasteful decorative items. From home decor to jewellery, and kitchenware to lighting, one can find it all there!

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