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As one of the largest suppliers of commercial cleaners across the Home Counties, VIP Clean is pleased to introduce its own Green Valley branded range of environmental friendly commercial cleaners.

London, United Kingdom, October 6th, 2010 - VIP Clean, one of the UK's most trusted suppliers of commercial cleaners, cleaning supplies and janitorial supplies, is pleased to introduce their own Green Valley branded commercial cleaners which offer all of the cleaning power of traditional commercial cleaners, but in an environmental friendly form, containing no harmful chemicals.

As the range of commercial cleaners available in the market continues to expand, both in traditional formats and environmental friendly formats, it can be difficult for businesses or organisations to know not only which commercial cleaners to choose for specific needs or tasks, but also where to go for the most affordable prices and the best deals. VIP Clean has been fully committed to offering one of the most competitively priced services supplying commercial cleaners and janitorial supplies across the Home Counties.

But in addition to providing a highly competitive priced service, VIP Clean have also been committed to providing an additional service for businesses and organisations seeking advice as far as which cleaners to choose for particular environments, surfaces, floors or chemicals. Their own range of Green Valley branded commercial cleaners have proved extremely popular with those businesses and organisations that have already implemented it in their own cleaning routines, and have confirmed that it is every bit as affective as traditional commercial cleaners, yet has no other harmful chemicals which can often be found in industrial cleaning supplies today.

For more information about VIP Clean or to find out more about the wide range of commercial cleaners they stock, visit http://www.vipclean.co.uk/

About VIP Clean
VIP Clean is one of the largest suppliers of commercial cleaners across the Home Counties, including industrial cleaning supplies, janitorial cleaning supplies and their own environmental friendly Green Valley range of commercial cleaners.

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