(Submit Articles) During the early years of the virtual event business, the publishing industry dominated the space and to a large degree were the only clients of this growing market. Publishers used Virtual Events as a revenue generating solution to substitute lost revenue from their declining physical event business. Within this framework, Virtual Events were used as a platform to launch industry specific virtual trade shows that showcased multiple companies.
As with any industry, you find advocates and detractors, and the publishing space is no exception. Several publishers (specifically in the technology space) very quickly saw the myriad benefits and potential of the Virtual Event Solutions, found innovative ways to monetize the event and embraced it whole-heartedly. While some were too concerned about cannibalizing their physical event business, and started to explore the virtual space only after observing a steady decline in the traditional events model.
Virtual Event Planning can be a great way for publishers to create new revenue streams but executing correctly requires planning and a holistic approach.
CGS with its VirtualEvents365 offering can benefit the publishing business in multiple ways:
1: Provide the necessary consulting services to jumpstart the virtual initiative and make the transition from physical to virtual as smooth as possible
2: Train your sales force on how to sell sponsorship packages for this unique offering
3: Outsource the sponsorship selling function to CGS; we have multiple global call centers to execute this task for you
4: The best and most robust platform in the industry to deliver your next successful event.
That’s it for now folks. We’ll be back again next week, with more insight on the exciting world of virtual events.

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