Vitex Invites Consumers to Visit them at the Government Video Expo 2012

14 Aug

Cranford, New Jersey, August 8, 2012 - Vitex, a leader in providing top-of-the-line technology solutions for fiber optic communications, invites business owners and executives to visit them at booth #121 at the Government Video Expo 2012 on November 28 and 29, 2012. This large technology event features the highest quality video technologies and techniques. With over 175 exhibits for visitors to check out, Vitex is proud to be a part of this great expo, giving businesses a way to learn more about their company and what Vitex can do for them.

Vitex strives to provide businesses with top-quality optical components to perfect their fiber optic communications. By providing top-quality services, as well as partnerships worldwide, Vitex is able to provide businesses with help every step of the way, from choosing the right products for their system to ensuring successful integration and production.

In business for the last five years, Vitex has created long lasting relationships with many of its customers who are incredibly satisfied with the quality of service Vitex provides. The high performance pro AV and video transmission services Vitex offers is a result of the expertise of the founders, as well as the top-quality manufacturers Vitex partners with to provide customers with only the best.

Vitex encourages businesses of all sizes to visit them at the Government Video Expo this November to learn more about how they can help increase their technology and better their procedures with Vitex’s fiber optic communication technology.

Anyone interested in receiving more information about Vitex’s involvement in the Government Expo 2012 can visit the website of Vitex, call 1-908-276-0021 or email them at [email protected].

About Vitex: Vitex was founded in February 2003 and has quickly become the top provider of fiber optic communications. Vitex offers products and solutions for all fiber optic communications problems, helping businesses worldwide reach optimum performance. Their long line of loyal customers over the last five years is a testament to the superior quality Vitex provides.

Company: Vitex LLC
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