VTYO! Aims To Recapture the Heyday of MTV With Launch Of New Website Highlighting Original Music Videos

28 Mar

March 28, 2014: Anyone around during the 1980’s or 1990’s can remember when MTV was launched and when that cable network actually aired music videos. Throughout its heyday, MTV was the place to go for the latest videos from the top talent and new voices of the day. New video debuts were events not to be missed. A new website has just launched to recapture the excitement of discovering music through this medium. The website is www.vtyo.com and it allows independent artists to submit music videos to a global audience of fans, and best of all its free. The founders of VTYO! have one goal, putting free music videos online to provide promotion and exposure for up-and-coming talent.

The premise of VTYO! is simple and gaining access to the site is even easier. Independent artists can register with VTYO! and immediately submit music videos. Often, these artists have no outlet to showcase their work, so this new website is a significant platform for artists in every genre. The site is open for any artist no matter the music they perform. Once they submit a video, that video is placed into one of several music genre categories that visitors to the site can browse through to watch the new videos. The home page of the site also features charts listing the best music videos for any particular week as voted by viewers online.

To watch music videos online, visitors need only choose one of the featured videos or navigate to the page representing the genre of their choice. A simple click starts the video which can be watched directly on the site since the site developers have linked all videos from YouTube. TO make it even easier to watch music videos, the site’s editorial team highlighting outstanding artists and weekly charts directly in posts to the VTYO! blog.

VTYO! is now operational and accepting video submissions. More information is available by visiting www.vtyo.com. VTYO! also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.