Weiner Family Studios is donating all proceeds from its well-received iPhone application.

Mansfield, MA, January 16, 2010 -- Weiner Family Studios is donating all proceeds from its well-received iPhone application, "A Family Matters" (tm) to a Haiti relief fund this week.

According to the developer, Scott Weiner, "The disaster in Haiti is terrible and my family wants to do what we can to help. Since 'A Family Matters' has gained exposure as part of Apple's What's Hot list we have increased popularity and the opportunity to donate more to the relief than usual. For this reason we have decided to take all proceeds from sales this week and donate it to AmeriCares."

Family Matters is an iPhone/iPod touch application that allows families to enjoy deeper more meaningful conversations. Mr. Weiner says, "My family created Family Matters to help parents and children communicate more effectively. Unlike most applications targeted at children, this isn't designed to "keep the kids busy. It is designed to help the family learn from and enjoy each other."

Apple showcases interesting applications in their What's Hot list on their iTunes App store. Through this list "A Family Matters" gained popularity and ranked as high as the #2 application in the Travel category.

"We are doing our small part through donation but more importantly we are hoping to increase awareness so others help too. They can purchase A Family Matters for only $1.99 and help that way or they can contact a reputable charity directly."

About Family Matters:
We built this application to help us parent more effectively. We were tired of family dinners where the conversation consisted of "How was your day?"... "fine". What Family Matters (tm) gives you is a set of questions and activities designed to help you communicate more effectively with your children. We found it leads to more and deeper conversations with our kids and we think it could do the same for you. Unlike other applications that quiz or provide facts, this tool is venue-driven.

This means the activities are geared toward your location. We currently cover common places you may engage in conversation or need to pass the time such as restaurants, waiting rooms or on long road trips. Of course there is a general category for use around the dinner table or practically anywhere you have a few minutes to spend together.

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