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Choosing ideal and perfect location for photography is a challenging task because photographic locations vary depending on natural forces. One would remain lifetime amateurs in figuring out best location for photography. However you can capitalize on and learn from many technicalities of photography by which one can extract best out of a location. I would classify weather, contrast and lighting as the most important factors.

Let’s take each of them independently. Choosing correct degree of contrast makes big difference when you are into photography. Whether you are trying to capture innocence of a kid or visual glamour of a model, a chosen photographic location; the available level of contrast plays a great role in the success.

Lighting is another factor that has great importance in choosing a photographic location. Although lighting can be artificially managed and controlled, it’s one of the key attributes that has to be considered. While choosing photography locations one needs to consider all those factors that can influence the quality of light. This can be cloud, fog, rain or other factors than can blur the sunlight. If your plan is for outdoor photography it is advisable to have understanding of weather. This will help you in planning contingency for poor weather.

It’s important for a successful photographer to ensure that each photograph has accurate levels of exposure for it to turn out to be a master piece. One should not rely on human sight while measuring light as human eyes would have high degree of variation towards exposure to lights. It’s always advisable to carry a light meter in case of outdoor photography.

To summarize, important factors while choosing for photography location one should consider feasibility of location in terms of reach, parking and facilities to keep crew and talent engaged, availability of sources of light, required permission from local authorities and overall aesthetics of the location as well as the financial cost. Most of above factors can be achieved by a visit to the location to explore all possibilities.

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