Everybody wants to find a good way of comparing credit card rates before selecting a suitable card. However, very few people manage to do this.

Most people succumb to the time pressure and they select a card after a brief analysis or a quick discussion with their friends. They might get the best card available if they are lucky. A majority of them, unfortunately, end up selecting an unsuitable card when a suitable and lower interest card was available.

Why Do People Make This Mistake

To be fair with people, comparing credit card rates is not an easy task. Credit card rates vary based on many factors, such as

*Type of card a person chooses
*The person’s credit history
*The company that provides the card
*The credit limit of the card.

People who are experienced in this field can compare the rates manually and come with the right results. Some others make use of computers for this process. Broadly speaking, there are three methods for comparing credit cards:

1. Doing it manually
2. Doing it with the help of a software package
3. Doing it with the help of a website

Doing It Manually

This is undoubtedly the most satisfying option. One has to sit down, either in front of a computer with Internet connection or with a pen and a notebook. Whichever way it is, one must be prepared to do a bit of number crunching.

One must know the interest rates of various credit card companies. One must also know how the rates vary depending on initial offers, credit history, and credit limit. If one is experienced and patient, one can come up with the right result.

However, there are two problems with this method of comparing credit card rates. First, one might commit some mathematical mistakes (similar to what are known as human errors and clerical mistakes) that can affect the result. Second, one might overlook some factors or details of a particular card altogether.

It has been proven that computers do these sorts of things far better than humans do. Therefore, assigning this task to a computer is a better bet.

Doing It With The Help Of A Software Package

This is easy. Buy software package (or download one free of cost) that does this job. You may need to enter details of various credit cards, such as interest rates and any other criteria.

The software packages do eliminate clerical mistakes. However, comparing credit card rates with software still can be problematic. Mistakes in data entry are a problem. However, a bigger problem is to find the data regarding all the available credit card providers. The accuracy and usefulness of the results depend on the research skills of the user.

Doing It With The Help Of A Website

The real question here is this: how can one eliminate both clerical mistakes and errors caused by inadequate results? The third option ““ that of comparing credit card rates with the help of a website ““ provides the best of both worlds.

Only thing is that one has to find a good and reliable website that does this job. Such websites employ professionals with good research skills and use sophisticated software packages to provide the best results for each customer.

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