(Submit Articles) ERP systems have gained huge popularity lately due to the fact that they bring bunch of advantages to those organizations which implement them correctly. This article is trying to make a list with the most important advantages of ERP.

1. ERP integrates and automates all the business processes, saving a lot of time and increasing the company's efficiency. Information about all the activities related with conducting a business is available with just a few clicks.

2. Because all the business processes are integrated on a single platform, the paper work in the organization is greatly reduced, this leading to saving money and time. Communication between different functional departments is also enhanced and simplified.

3. Because ERP software incorporates business functionalities that might be specific for one industry or another, it is ready to be used by most of the business owners with minimum customization.

4. Unless ERP software is used, different departments have to use various software programs and applications which, on the long run, will demonstrate that they are not perfectly compatible with each other and they diminish efficiency and make business processes and decision making more difficult.

5. Even though at the beginning ERP was pretty costly, nowadays it is available at an affordable price even for SME's.

6. The manufacturing process goes on much faster in a company using an ERP system. Updates on the production lines are easier to make because due to ERP the company can easily keep track of their current and previous products.

7. Customer relationship management improves a lot because ERP software allows efficient order tracking and also allows keeping organized information about customers and marketing strategies. Problems with customer service are handled faster and easier.

8. The information is processed faster and it is more accessible than if the company was using different applications. By integrating data, the risk of repeated entries is eliminated.

9. ERP software generates reports and makes taking decisions easier for the management. The reporting features are also useful for maintaining a permanent and active control of everything that is going on.

10. Suppliers are of uttermost importance in manufacturing and ERP software enables business owners to have an adequate supply chain management.

11. Financial information is managed efficiently because the accounting application integrates the costs, the profit, and every other financial data.

12. Some business owners consider that the security that an ERP system offers is one of its main advantages because it prevents industrial espionage and embezzlement.

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