What Might Be Missing in Your Booklets

16 Jan

(Submit Articles) Are your color booklets failing? Are they not doing what they are supposed to do? Have you wasted money in booklet printing with prints that do not achieve their goals? If this is your situation, it is highly probable that something might be missing in your booklet printing or layout.

To help you out in determining what is missing in your color booklets, I will list down for you some of the common things that designers can miss in the process of designing those booklets. You will be surprised to see all the important things that a lot of people forget when designing these prints.

a. An inviting cover – Now, you might think that no one will forget putting an inviting cover in their booklet printing, but in truth, this is actually what a lot of people do. Many people get caught up in the design that they forget to make it more “inviting” for the reader. They think only about themselves by creating a magnificent work of booklet cover art, forgetting that the readers will actually have to be “wooed” to read the booklet by the cover.

So it is actually important for you to see if you have indeed created a good and inviting full color cover in booklet printing. There are two aspects to the booklet cover that you should be aware of, the title and the cover art.

Titles – When it comes to the title, you should see if your own booklet cover titles are actually inviting to people. Besides the main title, you might want to check if the little subheads are also a bit more descriptive to help people get an idea if they really want to read the booklet or not. Make sure that you tease your readers that they will get more benefits by reading the booklet through these subheads. The more they understand the benefits of reading the booklets the better.

Cover art – You will also want to see if your images are indeed inviting to readers. While it might already be beautiful, it might not be as appealing to the people you want. You have to know and test out these cover art by actually getting feedback from others. The more it matches what your readers actually like, the more your booklets can succeed. So make sure you review your cover art to see if that inviting element is missing.

b. A good description at the back – Another thing that might be missing in your booklets is a good description at the back. People read the back of booklets and color booklets by instinct. By providing a good preview or expert review at the back, people will have a better idea if they want to read your color booklets or not. In most cases though, you will get more readers to pick up your brochures when you do right a great booklet description at this location. So make sure you check if you did indeed do this.

c. Author or publisher credentials – Lastly, try to see if what is missing in your custom booklets are author or publisher credentials. Many booklets fail because people cannot see if the author or publisher is reliable all not. This is an important part of booklet printing since people of course want to read something that is trustworthy and of course full of real researched facts from an authority. So check if you have all the essential credentials and proofs of authority displayed prominently in your booklet. Readers should trust your custom booklets more this way.

Great! Now you might know what is probably missing in your booklet! Add what needs to be added now for a better chance of getting the best full color booklets next time. Good Luck!

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