Constipation is a common problem especially among western cultures. Usually it consists of incomplete, infrequent or difficult bowel movements. For some people, constipation is a constant problem and for some people constipation is a temporary problem. Causes of constipation are different for different people and their effect on different people is also different. Causes of constipation are not related with single factor.

After knowing the cause of the constipation, it is necessary to find remedy for constipation. If you know the exact cause of the constipation then it becomes easier to get rid off from it. Before applying the remedy for constipation it is necessary to find out the source of the constipation.

It is a very simple process to eliminate or control constipation. If you are eating improper or wrong type of food then you may suffer from irritable bowel movement with hypothyroidism and constipation.

Some life style habits are also responsible for the cause of constipation like -

1. Ignoring the urge to go for a bowel movement
2. Consuming low-fiber diet
3. Insufficient drinking of liquids
4. Taking supplements of iron and calcium
5. Feeling a lot of stress
6. Intake of medicines like painkillers

Some of the medical conditions which are also responsible for constipation like pregnancy, diabetes, hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome and the problems related with muscles, nerves in the rectum, anus.

Some of the remedies you must follow to get rid from constipation -

1. Grapeseed oil is one of the remedy for constipation. Intake of lemon water and a table spoon of grapeseed oil are very effective for treatment for constipation.

2. Consumption of more and more fibers is responsible to cure constipation. Fibers help to form bulky and soft stools which are found in many vegetables, grains and fruits. Make a habit to add some fiber in your diet regularly. Foods which have very low fiber or no fiber like ice cream, cheese, pizza, snacks like chips and processed foods like frozen dinners and mashed potato are responsible for constipation.

3. Doing regular exercises helps our digestive system to stay healthy and active. Make a habit to exercise minimum for 20-30 minutes.

4. Intake of plenty of water also contributes to cure constipation. Drinking lots of water at least 8-10 glasses of water result into soft and heavy stool.

5. If you feel urge for bowel movement then immediately visit the rest room.

6. Some medicines are also responsible for constipation. So ask your doctor before taking such type of medicines.

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