(Submit Articles) The foremost consideration for a location is convenience and proximity. Convenience is of paramount importance as footfall would be guaranteed only when venue is at a nearby and accessible place. This has potential to make the occasion a run-away hit. Now that doesn’tmean other factors aren’tas important. Let’s understand what to look for a location hire?

One has to keep occasion at center point and ensure that ambience of hired location is in sync with the requirements of occasion. The essence Location hiring lies in identifying characteristics and uniqueness of location according to the requirement. For e.g. acoustic requirement for marriage celebration will be completely different from an office meeting or conference. Similarly audience size for office meetings is predictable whereas in marriage parties one cannot predict head counts of participants.

Once you are through with identification of target audience and estimation of head count, you can move to next level of planning. This would include creating ambience that would reflect mood of event, decoration at entry place, arrangement for parking, catering, accommodation facilities and professional staff to take care of attendees etc. With timely planning and thinking one can easily classify the events into personal or professional and accordingly give shape to rest of the details.

After certain level of planning, you can reach out to actual venues an have a look and feel about the place and the location. One should also explore all locations available within that particular vicinity before selecting the final location.

Alternatively one can also take service of an event planner for your location hire. This will not only save your time and money, but you will also have access to list of locations that any professional event manager will have at his disposal. An even manager at times helps you get better bargain while freezing charges for the location and other related services.

With good planning and attention to details, one can make selection process of location a key factor in making the occasion a grand success. Lastly it’s important for you to check contingency management skill set of the people associated with the location. This would be last leg of your planning as you need to be prepared to deal with last minute changes that may surprise you. With above considerations you will end having peace of mind as you would have covered almost all possible areas that you can think of while planning for a location hire.

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