Every business card printing needs to give readers three important elements to make it an effective business card. In this reference guide for beginners at business card printing, I will tell you about these three important elements so that you can also integrate them to your design when you print business cards yourself. Let us start with the most crucial of the elements, its content or information.

1. Complete, detailed and up to date information ““ All business cards, be it corporate business cards or personal business cards must always give complete, detailed and up to date information. It is only practical that your color business cards should have this since you do not want to give incomplete and outdated information to someone who will potentially become your business contact. So make it a point to always check and update your business card content to always display the right kind of information for business card printing.

2. A sense of a profession ““ Another important thing that your business cards should give is the sense of a profession. A business card is a representation of your profession as well as your personality.

This means that your business cards should look the part of your job. If you are in the corporate world, you might also want something that looks corporate to reinforce your position. If you are into a more creative world of advertising or graphic design, then your business card should be more creative. As long as your business card feels like a certain profession, people should be able to get the right idea about who you are and what you do.

3. A sense of personality ““ Of course, all color business cards should always give a sense of your personality as well. Everyone is unique in their own way, and it is these distinct traits that make us different and memorable from anybody else. In business card printing, your personality must show through the design and content so that people can have a sense of who you are.

Are you creative or serious? Are you practical or extravagant? These traits must come out through your color business cards. Add quotations, use the business card material and mind the tone of the content to project your own unique personality in your design. This should give the readers that all important professional impression through your business cards.

If your color business cards have all three of these elements, then your readers should get the whole picture indeed of who you are and what you can do for them. Your business cards should then become more effective at getting you contacts, acquaintances and even friends in business.

Brent Durell is a marketing officer who writes articles about print ads methodologies like business card printing that helps promote one's business or service.

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