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04 Mar

Jiangsu, China; 04/03/2014: The inception of artificial turf is helping numerous landscape projects where growth of natural grass is not possible. Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation is a company based in China specializing in the manufacture of artificial turf for different kinds of applications. The leisure artificial grass manufactured by the company is ideal for homes with kids as it is soft and totally safe. The best part about these turfs is that they do not require watering for the growth of the grass. Another important aspect of artificial turf is that weeds are not able to grow through it because of its efficient and modern design. Children can safely play on these turfs as they are non-abrasive as well as non-toxic. 

Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation has been involved in this business for more than ten years and has been engaged in the manufacture of artificial turfs for landscaping purpose as well as sports pitches for different sports activities like gold, soccer, cricket, tennis and more. The artificial golf turfs made by the company are perfect for all weather use with bright color and UV resistance. For more information on these golf turfs, one can visit http://www.suntex-turf.com/p-golf-artificial-grass-182573/. The softness and rebound performance of the turfs ensure safety of the skin and kneels. The Sports Artificial Grass has good drainage with anti-corrosive and anti-moldy properties. Apart from that, they can be installed in no time at all and requires the least amount of maintenance. 

The golf artificial grass from Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation is environment friendly and ideal for use in both indoors and outdoors. The company has manpower of around five hundred people with an export ratio of fifty one to sixty percent. The main export markets of the company include Western Europe, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East. Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation makes use of the latest machineries and equipments for the manufacture of the artificial turfs. 

A stringent and highly efficient quality process has been put into place by the company to make sure that artificial turfs manufactured always comply with the global standards. The average lifespan of the turfs is around five to ten years though that depends on the country of installation as well as its quality. Regular sweeping with a stiff brush is all that is required to keep the turfs free from dirt, seeds and leaves. The artificial grasses on the turf are generally made of polyethylene or polypropylene which is the reason why stains can be cleaned easily with the help of household detergent and hot water. All the turfs are color stabilized and hardly fade even after years of rough use. 

About Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation: 

Website: http://www.suntex-turf.com/ 

Suntex Sports-Turf Corporation is a China based company specializing in the manufacture of artificial turfs for more than a decade. The turfs manufactured by the company can be used for different types of applications.