Wilbers Law Firm, Over 40,000 People Lose Their Lives on the Road.

02 Sep

02, September 2016: The Wilber Law Firm has been assisting car accident victims in St Louis for over 50 years. The firm was founded by L.H. Wilbers after he was admitted to the bar in 1958. Wilbers began as a generalist. But over the next two decades, he helped hundreds of people injured in car and truck accidents get justice. In 1980, Wilbers decided that he would rather represent personal injury clients than those who caused the injuries.

Now the firm is headed up by John Wilbers and, to this day, continues the Wilbers family tradition. John is passionate about winning each and every personal injury case that he takes on. His goal is to get to the heart of every case and win for his clients, just as L.H. Wilbers did before him.

Specialist Support

The Wilbers Law Firm offers specialised support for victims of many different categories of motor vehicle accident. As a result, the firm has achieved an impressive winning percentage of 99.4 percent among all of the cases that they take on.

Motor accidents are a leading cause of death in the Missouri area. According to the firm, over 40,000 people lose their lives on the road every year. But surprisingly, most victims never receive any of the compensation that they are owed. The Wilber Law Firm has substantial experience in recovering damages resulting from automobile accidents. They recover damages due to lost wages, medical expenses and personal disfigurement. And they use multiple channels, including settling with insurance companies and litigation to win compensation.

The firm also specializes in helping truck drivers get adequate compensation for accidents. Each year, there are around half a million trucking accidents in the US. These often involve injuries to drivers and pedestrians. Again, the Wilbers Law Firm has significant experience and resources to help victims fight their case.

Personalized Representation

The Wilbers Law Firm offers a broad range of personal injury services. These include claiming from uninsured motorists, product liability, nursing home abuse and wrongful death.

Sometimes, the firm celebrates its success in these areas through its blog. On here, you can find information on how much money the company won for its clients. For example, in September 2015, the firm earned more than $950,000 for the victim of a tractor-trailer accident.

The firm also assists workers who have been injured while carrying out their job. Under Missouri Workers’ Compensation, workers are entitled to various forms of compensation. These include compensation for medical expenses, permanent disability, lost income and death.

Free Case Evaluation

The Wilber Law Firm recognizes that personal injury is often tough from a financial perspective. The firm, therefore, offers clients free consultations with an attorney. The company prides itself on its dedicated approach to each and every case. Attorneys at the firm research and prepare well in advance to ensure that victims receive just compensation.

Clients can also use these consultations as an opportunity to ask questions. Here, the law firm sees its role as one of reassuring clients and assuaging their concerns.

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