(Submit Articles) Economic analysts at Singapore-based Wilkinson Bennings elevated the buy rating of UK high quality credit as the economy increased 0.85% in the third quarter of 2010.

This figure doubled economist’s expectations for the quarter, following a 1.27% rate of growth in the quarter before which was also higher than previously forecast. These modest increases stand out amongst continuing uncertainty in data from the major economies around the globe. UK is among the few with consistent improvement.

The GDP growth is driven in part by the construction industries, showing a strong 4% during the period. Part of this growth resulted from projects previously delayed earlier in the year due to bad weather. This sector in total contributed almost a third of the gross GDP growth for the quarter.

The manufacturing sector slowed to 0.95% from 1.63% the previous quarter, but was still beating expectations. The service sector also held the course at 0.54% growth, with the transport, storage and communications sub-sectors reclaiming growth.

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