First of all, I believe that it’s very important to have written goals. You must know what you want to achieve specifically. You need a “map“ for your life. Just like when traveling on vacation.

It is also important to look at your goals every day. You should visualize your goals in your head daily. Act as though you already achieved your goals. Live daily with the attitude of gratitude.

It is important, that as you visualize your goals you get excited, and more excited each time you visualize your goals.

Another thing of importance is writing your main goals down fifteen times each daily. That should help embed your goals deep down into your subconscious mind. Helping you to also believe in yourself more.

Remember, to be inspired, I believe you should have big goals. Of whatevever good you choose.

Find needs, and fulfill them.

Once you know where you are headed, you must persevere. Keep on keeping on. Like how a stamp stays on the envelope all the way to its destination.

I believe it’s also important to be charitable. Like the saying goes “people take from the takers, and give to the givers.“

Love the people that you serve. Really care about them. People are more willing to help you if you make them feel important, and respected. Be sincere, and tell people thank you when they help you.

Model successful people. Learn from successful people, that are doing what you want to do.

It’s also important to keep a positive mental attitude. I believe success is 99.9% attitude.

Try to stay away from negative thinking, complaining people. Circulate yourself around positive, upbeat kind of people. Because one increases what one thinks about most.

One very strange, but effective technique in helping stay positive, is get a large elastic band. Put it on your wrist. Of course make sure its loose enough so it doesn\'t cut the blood pressure off on your wrist. Do this for a whole month. Whenever you think negatively, pull the elastic band, and snap it on your wrist. I\'ve learned this before, and have applied it, and it is effective for me.

Of course, it’s important to take action. Discipline yourself to take massive action.

Also believe in yourself. Say to yourself daily “I can, I can, I can.“ As you visualize your goals in your mind.

Write to do lists every night before you go to bed. Write down all the important things you need to accomplish for the next day. Write them in order of most importantance, to the least important. Then cross them off as you get them done.

I believe it’s important to read autobiographies, and biographies of successful people, because reading them can help inspire as well as teach.

One way of helping to remember what you learn, is simply teach others what you learn.

It’s also been said, “communication is the secret to success.“ I believe it’s important to study on how to negotiate, and how to influence people. Libraries have many good books to further our education.

These are some of the basics, that I believe, help lead us to achieving more. I hope these tips are helpful to you.

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