Is urban life really complicated or do we complicate it ourselves? Urban life is cool, but with its ups & downs it becomes more complicated than rural life. In Urban Life there are many people who get stressed in a variety of situation. The tough stuff really gets to us. Look at the positive side of urban life & use it as an opportunity for enlightened living.

Stress levels are increasing all across society, because people don't have patience to handle things carefully. There are some articles & blogs have provided some big treasure hunt. There are many solutions to figure out stress management some times people read article, blogs, plays quiz’s etc. Here are some points really helps you to recover your stress.

  • Try to directly experience the real world, at least once, in this life. But there are many obstacles to cross.
  • We experience the real world only by the names, labels and meaning we give them. Slowly, these names and labels become full-fledged maps we carry in the mind. Over time, we only experience these maps and we stop experiencing the world.
  • To recharge your relationships with the people in your lives.
  • The more we dig in, the more mysteries seem to crop up. Isn’tthat cool? You have to start to develop a sense of wonder for everyday living
  • We follow the trail of the 8 chambers to see where exactly we experience a tasty, sweet-smelling, crunchy red apple. We start with the eye, then go to the brain, cross the bridge, encounter the screen and then locate the projector.
  • To be always like the happy, wise guy & enlightened your life with joy.

Want to see hell in earth find the life of stressful person. Stress has its own importance in the life. Not saying it is never possible in humans life but saying make stress a thought. Some one said "thoughts are the shortest emotions of man's heart" Let these emotions come and go, keep your beautiful life enjoying!!

Mohan Krishan Ramesh Babu is writer of the blog Urban Monk Diaries. At Urban Monk Diaries he provides free tips to enjoy stress-free life.

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