With Airwheel Mini Electric airboard, Say Goodbye to Traffic Jams Now

22 Nov

22, November 2016: Overspeed urbanization leads to the growing number of cars. Hence, traffic jam is common seen. Though urbanization causes a series of problems, it promotes the development of the society and life quality. Therefore we cannot give up urbanization simply due to its disadvantages. Here come a solution—Airwheel mini electric scooter.

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In such an impetuous society, road rage has been a common phenomenon. And road rage always causes conflicts that result in injuries and even deaths. There are many news about road rage which leads to altercations, assaults, and collisions. If it’s out of the road, things like this hardly happen. But if is on the road in a traffic jam, these words will probably lead to a fight. Traffic congestion has been a companion of us all for a long time. Nevertheless, it is rated as the worst companion ever. Today, let’s say goodbye to it and go our own way by having an Airwheel electric drift hoverboard.


Airwheel mini electric scooter is rather small which doesn’t take up a large area like cars do and is able to travel through narrow space. What’s more, it is mounted with top-quality rubber tires which have a grip 3.8 times as strong as the regular tires and a shorter braking distance, thus enabling it to deal with all kinds of road conditions and send the riders anywhere they want to go. It is very necessary for office commuters to have one scooter to save them out of the horrible traffic jams. Some happy hour during the trip to work or off work will let them have better moods for work and enjoy a life of higher quality.


Airwheel e bike is equipped with a case made from magnesium alloy which is well-known as an ultra-light and low-carbon materials, making it more convenient for users to take the vehicle with them. Light as the scooter is, it is also strong enough to bear some random collision and resist high temperature as well as corrosion.


Airwheel is always a hardcore advocate of free and joyful lifestyle to help riders achieve wildest personal values. Say goodbye to traffic jams andstart a new journey at your own will with the companion of Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter.

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