World of Warcraft 6.0 Changes Perspective

10 Mar

World of warcraft, has nearly 10 years of history from 2004 to now, with new and at the same time, the DLC property inflation is become a serious problem in the game, both players and BOSS, their health, property including wow gold, injury and other numerical have now is very large, even to affect the level of players, more AFK players said, with long accustomed to the 5 min 7 of gems, now back a look at the numbers can be scared. 

The good news is that blizzard has finally begun to solve the problem, in the upcoming DLC 6.0 beta, player 1-85 level will be compressed of attribute in, accompanied by a level with the player’s attributes will remain active growth, compared with now, injuries and property will have fallen sharply, then other spells and abilities, consumables, equipment, monster hit points will be cut, the same skills of monsters will not change a percentage of damage dealt. Blizzard, said the player ability completely has not been weakened, only the property will be more reasonable. 

As it says to the properties of compression, players will immediately think of another problem, single fighting. The current property sheet with high brush before old copy is also one of the pleasures of the game with much cheap wow gold reward, the attribute after compression can make single brush difficult? No, blizzard said that attributes to completely will not affect the ability of a single fighting with enemy, but will also enlarge level to the lower level of rolling ability, single brush can change simple instead. 

Besides, the role of spells and abilities of all base damage will be removed, attack power and spell strength can be amplified, so that all specialization can at the same rate of growth.6.0 will make adjustments in race special features, the current from the choice of players will be able to see that some racial skills too powerful, others too mediocre no choice, in 6.0 will adjust all racial skills, weaken a strong race, strengthen weak race, after all 13 race 13 flowers, all RACES for fair competition to achieve a harmonious society as well as warcraft gold for sale

In addition, in terms of number of skills will be to comb, although have skills in 6.0 under the premise that does not affect the depth of the game to cut each number of professional skills, some passive skill will merge and other basic skills or skills. 


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