In recent years, research has yielded evidence of the fact that smoking leads to a dramatic decline in cognitive functions in men and women, especially in their middle-aged years. Though we are all aware that smoking causes a decline in our physical health, it has now been proven that smoking causes a decline in our mental health as well.

In 1964, past studies showed that women and men aged 43-70 displayed 21.3% lower scores in cognitive testing, speed, flexibility and mental processes than those who did not smoke. In modern-day studies, it has been shown that memory declines 1.9% quicker in smokers than in non-smokers. Cognitive function declines were 2.4 times quicker, while global cognitive function was up to 1.7 times.

In a nutshell, it has been proven that people who smoke more have a tendency to decline more on all levels of physical, mental, cognitive and the like. Because of these findings, all smokers out there should think twice about pursuing this harmful habit and seriously consider giving it up completely.

Many people who have mental problems are in fact smokers. This is a fact we should carefully ponder on and use to motivate ourselves to give up the habit of smoking,

Smoking not only effects your personal health and well being but those around you as well. Stop Smoking today and become a new you! Live a healthy cleaner life without cigarettes.

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