When youâ€â„¢re marketing, all the books, online forums and sites, even advice direct from expert marketers will tell you that in order for you to succeed with your promotional tool, you have to stand out. And the only way you can stand out is to offer something unique and different from your marketing tools such as your print postcards.

Something different and unique means that you are offering something that has not yet been seen or heard by your target clients. This means that you have to give them what theyâ€â„¢re looking for and havenâ€â„¢t been able to find from the current market or the industry youâ€â„¢re in.

So how do you do it especially with your postcard printing? Itâ€â„¢s actually easy. Start with these suggestions.

Choose quality and unique graphic images. Donâ€â„¢t just select images that have been used over and over again by your competitors. Choose those that havenâ€â„¢t been seen by your target clients, especially those that would reflect the unique qualities you have as a business. For you to grab the attention of your target clients, you need to provide them with something that would make them sit up and pay attention because they havenâ€â„¢t seen the images you have from other companies.

Include special effects. And not just those common ones used by everybody who has been marketing for the longest time. Turn your promotional materials into stunning pieces of marketing art by giving them the extra oomph from the effects you apply to your postcard printing. Change your choice of color to metallic. Add filters to create more exciting pictures. Change the texture of your photos. The bottom line is to add something extra and unique that your target clients will find it very hard not to look at your marketing tools.

Tell it differently. Donâ€â„¢t stick to the usual way of conveying your message to your target clients. In fact, provide a totally different way of telling your target clients of your offer. If you want to stand out, one of the things you can do is to provide unique copy and content that your target clients would appreciate. So donâ€â„¢t provide them with the usual boring messages. Instead, keep their attention by giving them something they would remember even when your print postcards have been discarded for being too old.

There are still more ways you can be different when marketing to your target clients. Just remember to stick to the idea of being unique. And you will find out a lot of ways that can help you become a standout in the industry youâ€â„¢re in.

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