The United States of America, November 15, 2013: Computer Aided Design (CAD) is essential in most manufacturing industries such as automobiles, hardware, etc. Therefore, the more efficient and fast CAD software would be, the better could be the productivity of the firm. ZW Soft has established its business and has earned the reputation as CAD solution provider that gets mentioned when CAD/CAM services are discussed. There may several resources that provide CAD free download but they may not have the proven record like that of ZW Soft. Only a few names from its client portfolio, where Siemens, Sony Ericson, Panasonic, Saint Gobain, etc. are the most prominent, are enough to explain its commitment towards production and provision of CAD/CAM software. 

ZW Soft provides free architecture software named ZWCAD. It is professional design software for architectural industries. It considers the components of architecture as basic design units with features of virtualisation, intelligentization and humanisation ZW sets engineering designs in 2D, their 3D representation and the architecture information as whole to provide complete solution to the architecture designers to complete the design of the task at hand. Like CAD Mechanical, ZWCAD architecture software also supports Windows 7b 64-bit operating system, on which it can provide its advantages of high memory and multi-core. Besides, it merges rich graph library and professional function of architectural design sector. Thus, it prominently accelerates design efficiency as well as improves the design capability of architectural designers. 

The file formats and operating practices of mainstream architectural design software are compatible at deep level in ZWCAD architecture software. The drawings of ZWCAD architecture software can be opened by any CAD software without plug-ins. It can adopt custom profile object to offer drawing tools more intelligent profile drawing and editing. In-place editing, smart grids cut, doors and windows finishing series and other typical functions are integrated into it for quicker and more convenient architectural design. Users have to have essential knowledge such as that of fadal emulator, dgn to dwg conversion, etc. Besides, ZW Soft not only provides architectural software but extensive tips, troubleshooting techniques and CAD support. 

One of the many important provisions of ZW Soft is free DWG viewer provided by the company. DWG format is a graphics file generated by CAD software. DWG viewer must be installed for these files to be opened. ZWCAD also has DWG viewer to be downloaded for free. But, DWG is not the lone format provided by ZW Soft. DWF, DXF and Xref formats are also supported by ZWCAD architecture software by ZW Soft. The quality and standard of products and services of ZW Soft can be understood from the numerous awards that the company has been awarded with over last 8 years. The latest award was in “National Key Software Enterprise of 2010” awarded in 2011. 

About ZW Soft 


ZW Soft is a renowned CAD/CAM software provider with more than 320,000 clients in about 80 countries. It has reputation as a reliable and committed solutions provider to MCAD and AEC industries. Some of the top multi-national organisations in the World are its clients.