0844 numbers are the best way to stand out among the crowd of tons of businesses competing neck and neck. It is a well-known fact that customers are reluctant to pay even small amounts. Thus 0844 numbers will allow your business to attract greater amount of business contacts.

0844 Numbers are tailor made to suit the needs of businesses, both large and small, that believe in generating maximum sales and attracting large numbers of customers. What makes 0844 non-geographic numbers more attractive are the low associated costs and its user-friendly nature.

All calls made to the 0844 number are redirected to your landline. The benefit is that your normal landline number remains unaffected by this, and you can continue using it in the normal way. In short, 0844 numbers provide the dual benefit of being able to use both your landline and the non-geographic number without any extra equipment.

Besides the fact that customers have to pay a flat rate for the calls they make to 0844 numbers, what also helps in increasing enquiries and sales is that customers believe businesses having these numbers to be more reliable and efficient.

This is why research has shown that customer calls more than tripled for businesses that switched to 0844 numbers. This can simply be attributed to the fact that customers specifically look for 0844 number when browsing through directories to decide which products or services to purchase. This is the reason close to 50% of advertisers today use 0844 numbers in their ads.

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