Have you ever seriously thought about the advantages to renting an apartment when traveling overseas for vacation or for business instead of renting a hotel? If you are only going to be in town for two or three days, then the costs of a hotel are not a major factor. Two or three hundred dollars out of pocket for two days in hotel won’tsend you to the poor house. One can even find decent three star budget hotels in the commercial and entertainment center of large cities like Lima, Peru for as little as $75 to $80 a day. This, of course, is the average cost of a room for one, or at most two, people. Budget hotels generally provide a phone, a TV with cable, and usually an internet connection, but the room will most likely not have a refrigerator or stove, so if you want to bring back food from the local market to cook up at home, or a few cold drinks, you can usually rule out a hotel room. Also hotels pretty much monitor your every movement, so bringing in food and beverages, though not necessarily prohibited, are frowned upon. And if you want to invite a friend up to your room for a drink, you will most likely need to ask the hotel\'s permission. Unlike a hotel, a vacation rental affords all the privacy of your own apartment. And most rental apartments come with full kitchens and enough space to move around comfortably. However, if you plan to eat out, and privacy is not issue, then you can forego the kitchen.

However, there is also the savings advantage of staying in an apartment for an extended period of time, in particular, when you plan to remain in town for a week or more. This is when staying at an apartment instead of a hotel reaps significant monetary benefits. Hotel accommodation fees for extended periods of more than a week make the rental apartment very attractive. And there are a number of sites that list rental apartments world wide.

For example, Lima Accommodations, in Lima, Peru, has one bedroom apartments located in central Miraflores, the commercial and entertainment center of Lima. All of their apartments have internet services, cable TV, a phone, DVD players, and 24 hour security. Their rental prices also include utilities. You simply pay the rental fee, around $350 a week or $650 a month, and that takes care of it. All apartment rental expenses are covered. When one examines the costs per day of a rental apartment versus the costs of staying in a hotel, that is usually enough to convince all but the most prodigal that a vacation rental apartment is a wise choice. Instead of your hotel fee of $75 to $80 or more a day, the rental apartment, if you rent it for a month, will cost you about $21 dollars a day.

If you plan to stay in Lima for any length of time, check out the Lima Accommodations site (http://apartmentlimaperu.com/). They have a number of apartments available in Miraflores. You can rent a one bedroom a few blocks off Kennedy Park on Grimaldo del Solar for $650 a month or $350 a week, with a full kitchen and internet hook-up, cable TV, DVD player, and phone. Their apartments have a microwaves, coffee makers, and linens and kitchenware. How can you go wrong? You can rent a studio apartment on the top floor in a quiet neighborhood close to cinemas, coffee houses, restaurants, banks, supermarkets, and parks, and, if you rent for a month or more, for less than $22 a day. If you prefer an ocean view and a panoramic view of Miraflores from the 17th floor, Lima Accommodations also has a mini-penthouse located a couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean boardwalk in Miraflores. The mini-penthouse rents for $375 a week or $675 a month. Those are hard prices to beat! If you are sold on the idea of renting a home instead of staying in a hotel, perhaps you would like to spend a view days in a villa right outside of Lima at Villa Condorhuaca in Cieneguilla, Lima\'s resort town situated in the Lurin river valley only minutes from downtown Lima.

Wherever you decide travel in the world, when looking for an accommodation for any length of time, you will find great deals on rental apartments or homes everywhere. The choice is really yours, as well as the money you will spend.

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