2015 is a glorious year for Airwheel intelligent Electric motorcycles

07 Jan

07, January 2016: Since Airwheel Technology set foot in this sector of sector, it is a full 3 years. In the year of first year, i.e. 2013, Airwheel took shape and a bright future lied before itself. In the second year, its released intelligent self-balancing scooters caught on to the people and Airwheel leapt to fame overnight. This is the third year for Airwheel. 2015 is close to ending and has saw Airwheel creating a glorious achievements. In this year, Airwheel launched two new product release conference with a massive success. In either of the two event, the attendance reached one thousand. Each time the event came to an end, a host of scooter-lovers soon went online for purchase of the intelligent Electric motorcycles.


In these two new product release conference, Airwheel released its sitting-posturing electric self-balancing scooter A3, the personal AVT S5, the electric skateboard M3 and the electricity-assisted scooter Z3 and so forth. A3 made through in various respects, such as the riding mode, protection from vibration and connection into the mobile phone. Hence A3 is hailed as a hybrid of the latest technology and design.

S5 is a modified and updated version of S3 and it is positioned as a personal ATV. The function and performance of S5 can be deduced from its position. For M3, it is the first time for Airwheel to fulfil the blend of tradition and modern design. Airwheel put its idea into practice and successfully got its first try-out in M3. After the achievement, Airwheel tried its idea on Z3 and modified the traditional electricity-assisted scooter.


In terms of newly introduced technology, Airwheel is still worth a praise. It ushered in the phase of sit-on mode of ride in A3. The change in the mode of ride offers a more comfy ride to the riders. In A3, Airwheel introduced the suspension system which served to buffer the vibration when the self-balancing scooter A3 bumps over the uneven paths.

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