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07 Jan

UK; 07, January 2016: Drinking tea comprises of multiple health benefits which cannot be summarized in a single word. From time immemorial, people has been drinking tea not only for commercial amusement but also for curing various health problems. As such, there is always a demand for high quality tea among the traders and customers. There are many e-commerce sites which are now selling high quality teas of various brands and species to the users. Well Tea is one such commercial platform where customers can purchase extensive range of oriental teas which have been sourced from the tea gardens of countries like China and Japan. These mainly include MatchaGreen tea, premium Sencha tea and many more.

Customers can search these exclusive ranges of products simply browsing the menu options in the category link of this site. It also offers an extensive range of teapots, cups and accessories so as to allow the customers to enjoy the full aroma, texture and tastes of its tea products. All its teas have been carefully selected so as to offer the best taste, subtle flavor, quality and character. For better experience sharing of its tea products, the site provides the free gift wrapping service to the customers.

It efficiently protects the personal information of the users and never shares them with unknown sources. Wholesalers can also place orderto buy tea online in this site as it deals in product wholesaling throughout the mainland Europe and UK. To discuss purchasing of its products on a wholesale basis, traders need to contact this commercial site via e-mail along with their company details, stocking expectations and website address. The site mainly accepts payment through secured online mode of online transactions and customers need to pay at the time of placing the order. This site is a store-house of varieties of whitetea and flowering tea which will not only refresh the mind but will also screen out harmful toxic chemicals from the body.

All orders placed before 3 pm from Monday- Friday shall be dispatched within the same day irrespective of the delivery method chosen. Customers will be forwarded with a tracking code at the time of delivery. For international order it uses the shipping option of Royal Mail. Product delivery normally takes 1- 3 days. Customers not satisfied with their purchase must return their products within 28 days to obtain refund from the site. Users can subscribe to its newsletters to obtain updates on its latest tea products.

About Well Tea:


Well Tea is a leading e-commerce platform from where customers can buy varieties of high quality teas at a reasonable price. All its tea products are good for health. To know more, viewers can visit its site.