A Completely New Way of Riding with Airwheel S8 Electric Walkcar

23 Sep

23, September 2016: It is no exaggeration that Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter is a combination of all essences from those world top masterminds in the field of designing. In fact, the superlative quality is reflected in every product detail of S8 electric self-balancing scooter.

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With fresh and stylish design, Airwheel electric scooter leads a new optimized riding experience which has added complete new elements into people’s daily life, enriching the riding formats of Airwheel electric scooter and satisfying varied needs of Airwheel riders. Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter, new product in 2016 has provided the public with a completely new way of riding.

In terms of upgraded performances, Airwheel S8 electric self-balancing scooter leads a new fashion of Airwheel scooter riding. Airwheel riders can choose from the two riding models- standing or sitting posture according to their personalized needs and interests. Airwheel S8 symbolize a new era of intelligent self-balancing scooter with its innovative design for sitting posture, indicating the trend of more diversified and humanized designs for Airwheel riders in the future. Moreover, the unique sitting-posture riding looks extremely unique and cool compared with those riders who can only ride in standing-posture.


As for appearance, Airwheel S8 2-wheeled electric scooter can be vividly compared to a gorgeous beauty model with vitality and passion. Adopting the Cassinian curve design concept, Airwheel S8 is simple and faddish in externality, interpreting the beauty of art via unique design. In order to have a better control experience in standing posture, and to have better load capacity, the seat’s operating rod is designed in C shape. Female riders will become street landscape while riding fashionably with Airwheel S8.


The tech innovation of S8 electric walkcar comes from the upgraded app which is used to provide real-time stats from running conditions. The app is tailored for Airwheel S8 and plays a crucial role in promoting riding experience for riders who are concerned about riding safety and comforts. With the app, riders can easily be informed of running conditions, thus having enough time to react to any emergencies. Moreover, IM social system is designed for riders and their friends to communicate and share photos on the way, etc.


Airwheel S8mini electric scooter has provided the public with a completely new way of riding.

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