(Submit Articles) If you thought that cufflinks and collar stays have only utility purpose then you are on the wrong side of your thinking. Well, this is not the case with designer collar stays and designer cufflinks. Both these new and state of the art style dressing accessories also add sheen and attraction to your attire. A collar stay is a either a metallic or plastic strip which is usually designed in the shape of a collar which is adjusted under the collar to keep your shirt’s collar in shape and stiff so that no wrinkles appear on it. The collar stays prevent you from getting into an embarrassing situation where the shirt’s collars droop or are folded or may even get wrinkled. The collar stays, especially the designer collar stays, add an element of uber cool style to your shirt and make you look unique and worthwhile in the party. Yet another significant feature of the collar stay is that it helps in keeping the crease of your shirt intact and it will result longer.

When you go for collar stays make sure that you measure the size of the collar. The collar stays are not only designed in different colors and shapes, they also come in different sizes. Keep in your mind that you keep a closer watch on the material of collar stay that you buy for your shirt. If you are thinking for the permanent option, then no doubt, metal collar stays are the best option to go ahead with. Plastic collar stays are not durable and more over they look too less than graceful. Check which size matches and fits your shirt’s collar. Whether collar stays, or designer cufflinks, are the fabulous designer men’s accessories that add exuberance and aura to the men dressing. In last, do the comparison shopping and find the type of collar stay or designer cufflink that you wish to buy for your favorite shirt.

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