A1 Industry Co Ltd Is Specialized In Making Customized Collapsible Storage Tanks

31 Aug

China, 31, August 2016: Collapsible tanks are very useful in storing chemical, water, fuel and other fluids for a long period of time. These tanks are normally available in different styles and sizes. These storage tanks are made of good quality materials to prevent the contamination of stored liquids and to eliminate the chance of leakages into the surface body. There are many agencies that manufacture collapsible tanks of different patterns and A1 Industry Co Ltd is one such company. The company comes with its experienced quality control and R&D teams to make customized collapsible storage tanks to meet the diverse expectations and requirements of the clients.

The company has its own advanced manufacturing facilities where the specialized staffs use latest manufacturing technologies to offer the best products in the market to the clients. The company offers varieties of portable collapsible water tanks that can be used storage and transportation of effluents, gases, dielectric oil, rainwater, drinking water, oil and other liquids. These plastic storage tanks can be easily and quickly transported, unfolded and deployed. These are assembled using fabric welding techniques like hot air, hot bar and radio-frequency welding. The highly qualified staffs of this company choose the best TPU/PVC materials for making the reliable storage tanks.

The firm has acquired the distinction of providing good quality water bladders banks which are normally manufactured using the fabric of PVC/ TPU through thermal sticking. These are available in diversified shapes and specifications and are broadly applied in various fields like storing of combustive chemical gases like hydrogen, ethyne, straw gas and others with excellent pressure and air tightness. The online sales teams of the company are always ready to accept the order of the customers and to clarify their queries on any product. The firm ensures timely delivery of the products in good condition. It pays high attention on packaging to retain the original condition of the ordered items for a long period of time.

The company has been able to gain the tag of as one of the flexible tanks manufacturer in market for accommodating the priorities and requirements of clients in every step of production. The company always gives importance to the specifications and opinions of clients while producing and supplying these storage tanks. For the purpose of transporting and storing fuel and oil, the company has brought out polyester TPU tanks in various shapes and styles. Customers can also obtain customized soft PVC biogas storage tanks in various shapes with decent tensile strength.

About A1 Industry Co Ltd

A1 Industry Co Ltd was established in the year of 2006 and is now a leading manufacturer of collapsible storage tanks of China. All its products are qualitycertified. For more information, viewers can log on to the website of this company.

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