Jiaozuo Hainaxin Manufacturing Co Is An Established Producer of Hydraulic Equipment

31 Aug

Henan Province, China, 31, August 2016: A country cannot embark on the road to commercial or industrial development if its infrastructure remains undeveloped or in a state of underdevelopment. A well-developed rail, road and airports network is extremely essential for transporting men and materials nationally and internationally. Therefore the transportation network forms an integral part of a nation’s infrastructure. Besides that, industries and factories which can produce the basic engineering, metallurgical, road construction, and mining machinery as well as other crucial tackle or gear are also significant constituents of the national infrastructure. Jiaozuo Hainaxin is a well-known manufacturing concern based in the Henan Province of China that has been exclusively engaged in producing an extensive range of hydraulic tackle and gear including welded steel tube, soldered steel pipes, welding pipes, high-precision honing tubes, and high-precision cold drawn tubes.

The seamless tube that the Henan-based hydraulic equipment fabrication firm rolls out finds widespread applications. For instance, these high-precision, machinated seamless tubes are used as integral components in engineering, metallurgical, mining, forging, automobile, road-construction, aeronautical, aerospace, and numerous other industrial machineries. The steel tubes have a hollowed out inner and are seamless in the sense that the area around the bands do not have any ridges or veins. The tubes go through mechanized processing on specialized cold-drawing machinery and are casted via a prescribed deformation or buckling method following their treatment with chemicals. The finished product is immaculate in terms of diametrical exactness as the exterior diameter is gauged using a micrometer whereas the interior diameter is determined with the help of an inner scale.

Surface finishing both on the interior and exterior is perfectly smooth and the straightness is impeccable as well. The state-of-the-art cold-extrusion processing technology makes the Precision steel pipe ideal for use as pneumatic cylinder pipe or tube, hydraulic tube, oil-pump pipe, and particularly as a long-stroke roll/tube. Jiaozuo Hainaxin also turns out welded pipes that find large-scale use as pipelines for supplying fluids (both liquids and gases) over short as well as long distances. The precisely welded steel pipes are also used in petrochemical and chemical plants as well as in other manufacturing units. The firm also specializes in manufacturing other hydraulic pipes and tubes like welding pipes, high-precision cold-drawn and honing tubes.

The welding steel tube is used across a range of industries including but not limited to urban construction, irrigation, agriculture, power supply and distribution, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and water engineering. The precision steel tubes or pipes are used for transference of LPG, liquids, gases, steam and also for drainage. Significantly enough, the welded pipes are used for the purpose of piling when constructing bridges, buildings, roads, and piers. Jiaozuo Hainaxin has the experience and expertise in manufacturing products as per client’s specifications.

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Jiaozuo Hainaxin Manufacturing Co Ltd is a reputed Chinese business organization that is devoted to manufacturing hydraulic gear that are used in many large industries.

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