An international platform that enables young people to explore and develop their leadership experience for them to have a positive impact on the society. AIESEC is the world’s largest youth run, nonprofit, NGO .It spread over 107 countries and 800 cities, Baroda being one of these. AIESEC does a lot of events, projects, programs throughout the year. One of the main programs is the Work Abroad Program. We send people from the age of 16 to 34 from Baroda to any of these countries to get international exposure in their respective fields. These internships range from duration of 2 to 18 months. Any person can go under any of the 4 traineeships opportunities.

The traineeships vary like these:

“¢ Developmental traineeship ““ any educated person from age 17 to 34 is applicable

“¢ Technical traineeships - Engineers, MCA, BCA, All IT professionals etc

“¢ Educational traineeship - Any language teaching- mostly English

“¢ Management traineeship - Bcom, Mcom, BBA, MBA, any management professional etc.

The main purpose of these internships is not to provide placement or money but a unique learning and unparallel international experience which no other organization in Baroda presently provides. It is an amazing and a very cost effective opportunity for all those who are not satisfied with their local level jobs and/or need a kick start in their careers through an out of the box international work experience.

For details contact :-

Sujit Landge: +91 9925835449

Krunal Patel: +919974706592

This is a case study of Hiral :-

It is almost 3 months now that I am back to Vadodara with my family, after having spent a memorable stay of 4 months in the city of Kyoto-Japan. I was in Japan for a three and a half month’s internship through AIESEC as a kindergarten teacher in Kyoto-Japan. I chose Japan out of my love and affinity of the country from my first visit in the year 2000. First thing that happens in the internship is: you actually experience what the country is all about, things you had just heard before. Though I had been to Japan earlier, it was like a whole new world this time. My interaction initially was only with the AIESECers, who helped me for few days so that i could get acquainted and comfortable with the place which was miles away from home.

Later i came in contact and worked with the other interns from all around the world. Though i was in Japan, i learnt equally as much about Poland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Greece and others. I had to deal with people from world over and learn to adjust with different personalities, their culture, thinking, and ways of life. Even in my own country i could not interact with new people as i did with these foreign people, and amazingly there was so much more i had in common with these people than lots of my own friends. My shyness and lack of confidence was wiped out like it was never there. What else i learnt was responsibility. Being here i realized how much i had been pampered back home, I learnt to solve problems, take decisions, manage everything from money, travel, job to a lot more all by myself.

How it all helps me now is, the mention of the internship on my CV, increases my chances of being preferred into jobs i now apply. I now have more open a mind from ideas from world over which also helps me in my daily jobs. I am now a different person, more confident, culturally sensitive, knowledge, responsible and thus matured. It was like a small break i took from my monotonous routine life, to explore my deepest potential and eradicate all my draw backs. And not to forget i made the best of friends, and had the best times of life with them.And i have contacts in all the continents, if ever required. AIESEC came in like my god fairy, and turned my life into a happy ever after.