Accurate psychics are easy to spot once you know the secret to finding them. Psychics offer their services in many ways and how they do this is vitally important.

Understand the 4 different types of psychics:

Psychics in Stores

You will have psychics that work out of metaphysical stores generally at the weekends. This type are normally just starting out and do not have their own client base as the store owners do not permit them to generate business out with the store. Given the psychics will most likely make their full time income in a different profession it is safe to assume that although some are good, many lack the experience to be considered a good hunting ground for finding a genuine accurate psychic.

Hotline Psychics

Another type is the hotline psychic that charge by the minute and are available when you call. One shocking discovery is that sometime as much as 90% of your money does not go to the psychic but to the company marketing their services! So you are actually paying top dollar for a psychic who has no clients of their own and will work for $10 to $20 dollars an hour! If they do not value their own worth, should you.

Celebrity Psychics

Celebrity psychics are inevitable very good authors, in fact may well have best sellers and a whole marketing team to promote their books, TV shows and CD's. However there is a catch, their prices are astronomical and if you can get a psychic reading is it going to be much benefit to you if your problem is immediate and you can't wait 6 months or a year! Many celebrity psychics no longer accept one to one clients as they are too busy with their other businesses.

Independent Professional Psychics

The fourth type of psychic are rare, they have no boss, and may have no interest in being an author however they do have their own client base and do work full time at their profession. These independent psychics can only stay in business by building a happy repeat customer base and you can only achieve this by consistently offering accurate psychic readings. Expect to make an appointment and expect to wait a week or two however it will be worth the wait. So the secret is simple, find an accurate psychic who reads for client's full time who works for themselves.

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