Acorn Office based in Coleford Gloucestershire offer a wide range of recycled office products for sale in the United Kingdom.

Gloucestershire, UK, April 15, 2010 -- Acorn Office based in Coleford Gloucestershire offer a wide range of recycled office products for sale in the United Kingdom. You can choose from a massive range of supplies including:

Binders and folders
Ink toners
Computer accessories
And much more......

Whether you require a thousand pens or just a box of twelve Acorn Office can help meet your requirements in both quality and price.

Acorn Office source high fibre content recycled office products to make sure that the lowest emissions are produced and you have a high quality product. There are many other things that are also considered such as where the products come from, Acorn Office source products as close by as possible to reduce delivery mileage and its carbon footprint.

Packaging is also a big factor as what is the point in having a recycled office product wrapped in lots of plastic, especially if it is not recycled. Acorn Office ensures that the packaging used also has high recycled fibre content so the environmental impact is limited.

There has always been a myth that recycled office products are not as good as standard high emission manufactured ones, there was maybe a case for this years ago but now you really wouldn’tbe able to tell the difference in quality. A good example of this is office paper, whether you require everyday copying paper or high quality for presentations, this can all be catered for with recycled paper. The other common myth was that recycled paper was also more expensive, again this has been dramatically improved with the new methods used during production. Recycled paper products are now comparable to standard paper ones so you can keep your costs down and still help the environment.

Acorn Office strives to offer you the best quality recycled products at the lowest prices possible, these are available through their website where you will also find other office essentials like coffee and biscuits. It really is the one stop office supplies outlet online.

If you are struggling to recycle products within your office such as everyday waste paper, pens, plastic bottles and ink toners then Acorn Office can supply recycling bins. These are no ordinary recycling bins as they themselves have been made from recycled fibre within the United Kingdom. You can choose from a wide range of shapes and styles to suit your office no matter how big or small, for large orders you can have the bins personalised with your logo or company colours. This will really help your employees to effectively recycle without any extra work. The bins can be purchased at

Acorn Office are really setting the standard with online recycled office products and recycling bins, check the websites out today and make your office environmentally friendly.

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