Here is a true story: A man whom we'll call T happened to be home in the middle of the day with his wife and infant daughter. There was a loud knocking at the front door, but T's wife didn't recognize the visitor and refused to answer. The knocking persisted and T ran upstairs to get his handgun. Because he kept his firearm in a biometric safe next to his bed, he simply touched the sensors with his finger pads to quickly retrieve the gun. As soon as he came back downstairs, the front door was kicked in and an armed man came into the home. T aimed his gun at the man and ran him off his property. They found out later that the intruder was part of a dangerous marauding group of juveniles that burglarized homes in the middle of the day.

If an armed intruder were to enter your home, would you be able to protect your family in an instant? It's hard to walk that fine line between home protection on demand and responsible gun ownership: you want to keep your guns in a safe and away from little hands, yet a combination unit does not allow you to get your firearm in a timely manner. The newest solution for many folks (like T) is biometric gun safes. Here are some of these models' many advantages.

--A biometric design can only be opened through specific physical identification such as a set of fingerprints or handprints. This allows users to keep a weapon loaded and ready to use at all times without fearing for the safety of children.

--Most models allow for the memory storage of several sets of physical identifications, which permits multiple users to gain access instead of just one person.

--There is no need to use a key or remember combinations with bio-identification: this is especially important in situations such as T's, when split-second decisions must be made under stressful circumstances. You simply place your hand on the safe and it opens nearly instantly.

--Many models allow for storage of several guns or have room for other items you may wish to have access to but keep under tight security such as prescription medications, I.D badge, pocket knife, or valuable wristwatch.

Stories such as T's are not as rare as you may think: fully 75% of crimes committed involve the theft of personal belongings from a place of residence. You don't have to feel like a sitting duck: with biometric gun safes you can protect your family without compromising their safety on a day to day basis. To know more about our gun safes products, visit our website now.

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