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Ireland, August 18, 2010 ““ Ireland based Marvin Architectural (http://www.marvin-architectural.com), reputable wood manufacturer introduces their new range of bay windows in the market. The windows, which are designed and built by Marvin Architectural, are packed with a range of modern features cleverly disguised in very traditional looking frames. The frames, which come either as wood, aluminium or plastic, can be finished to fit with any building style, or are deliverable in two major incarnations: the “Casemaster“, or “Sliding Sash“.

Marvin’s Casemaster bay windows combine the traditional features of casement windows with some very nifty modern additions. Most impressive of which are the window panes’ facility to be completely removed for cleaning. A simple click and lock function inside the casement allows the whole thing either to be removed or rotated in such a way that the outside pane comes in ““ facilitating easy cleaning without having to mess around with ladders and buckets. All glass panes in the Casemaster bays are extremely low in terms of heat transfer: the heat stays in and never leaves in the winter and the cool stays in and doesn’theat up in the summer.

The Sliding Sash bay windows offer a similar fusion of old style looks with extremely modern functionality. The Sliding Sash windows are made to resemble properly milled wood, but sealed in thoroughly modern heat retaining materials ““ and with energy efficient panes to match.
Either incarnation of this modern bay window, sash or casement, will add a real element of “outside in“ to a property. A bay window allows a homeowner to enjoy the benefits of nature in their actual home by creating a three-walled glass area that can be used as a garden seat, a retreat or even a mini greenhouse. These bay windows are another winner from Marvin Architectural.

For more information on bay windows, visit http://www.marvin-architectural.com/bay-and-bow-windows.html

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Marvin Architectural is an Ireland based reputable wood manufacturer providing a wide range of casement windows, French Doors, bay and bow windows for residential and commercial properties.

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