When you write articles on any subject or when you write them for reviews or as tutorials or just for general information, your aim is to ensure that they receive the maximum exposure and reach as many readers as possible. The best way of submitting articles is through the many directories available online. Through online directories your writings reach a vast audience. It is through such centralized directories that your writings and those of other writers receive maximum exposure.

Popular Strategy

Using directories to provide exposure to your articles is a great tactic. This is also a great way to attract traffic to your website. All you need to do is to write an article, submit it to the directories and see your reputation and credibility build up as and when you write and offer more of your writings to them.

Writing and submission to the directories develop a link back to your business, and by and by the traffic grows, bringing advantage to your business. In addition, submission to the directories also affects your search engine rankings positively.

Your writings, on submission to the directories, are always live and are never archived. You are further able to increase your exposure if your submission ends up as content on someone else's website.

As your aim is to increase inflow of traffic to your website, you need to ensure that your writings are not substandard. You will need to perfect the process of writing them and submitting them to the directories so that they pass the careful scrutiny and analysis of their team of experts.

Ensure that the content of your articles is unique and of high quality. This is important if you wish to entice quality traffic back to your site.

Another advantage of publishing your writings in directories is that the process of back linking to your website is a great way to increase the rank of your site. It is not easy but is one way of moving up the ranks on a search engine.

What you need to do is to write your stuff and ensure submission in all the top directories. Over time, this will lead to exposure and publication of your writings on other websites.

Accepting Your Submission

Every directory that accepts articles for publication has its own guidelines which you will be required to meet. Submitting articles is fairly easy if your writings fit their format, vis-à-vis the summary, the writing, as well as the resource box.

No top of the line directories will accept language that is not acceptable, such as vulgarities. The writings which are stuffed with keywords are also frowned upon and may be rejected until you re-submit after removing their objections.

Most of the writings in these directories are traceable based on the subject matter. They can be easily searched by anyone looking to find specific articles just through keyword searches. Most directories have diversity of writings and it will be to your advantage to write on diverse subjects for submission.

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