Capital Worldwide, Ben Bernanke believes the economy is nearly back on track.

Ben Bernanke Chairman of the Federal Reserve announced that the U.S economy is starting to level out.

The U.S who has been in one of the deepest recession this century is finally show signs of recovery. After billion in stimulus packages and some tough times for companies the worst financial crisis in decades seem to be ending.

Insiders told Capital Worldwide that the FED believes that after emergency measures by the FED the U.S has dodge a depression, just.

Interest rates also stayed the same with the central bank keen to keep the current stability the economy is enjoying. Sources told Capital Worldwide that it will be a period of time before the rate raises as it want to ease its way out of recovery and is cautious of how fragile the economy is.

Capital Worldwide analysts say that this is the clearest indication that the FED has said about the recession finally ending. Capital Worldwide expects that in the first quarter of next year will be when all the data coming out of the economy will say the recession is over.

Investors are starting to come back to the markets again as confidence returns, and Capital Worldwide forecast a bull run in the markets until the end of the year.

However many are still being cautious on predicting good times again, and Capital Worldwide tends to agree. It’s clear that we are slowly getting better but we must be cautious moving forward.

But right now there will be many stocks at bargain prices, some of the best stocks may be in the banks as they have taken some of the biggest falls. Right now banking stocks could be a good investment for any diverse portfolio.

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