Fiber optic technology plays an important role in our everyday life. It is, beyond doubt, one of the best and quickest ways of transmitting data and information in the form of light waves based on internal refraction principle. It also happens to be the most secure way because it uses light waves resistant to electromagnetic interference which makes it impossible to tap into the data. Optical fiber is also the safest means of transmitting data as it doesn’tlet the data or information leak because all the transmissions signals are guided through the optic fiber and not through copper wires like it’s done in a cable.

Sometimes optical fiber gets damaged because of cracks in the fiber and can also get contaminated by dust and oil which in turn interfere with data transfer. To ensure that fiber optic keeps performing to its best levels it’s important that fiber optic inspection should be done on a regular basis using fiber optic tools. Fiber optic tester is most commonly used tool to test the working of optical fiber. Fiber optic tester detect problems most effectively by transmitting light through one of the fiber and detecting it at the other end. Some of the best continuity fiber optic testers are available at

Fiber optic ferrules are a kind of rigid tubes that are used to shut the exposed end of a fiber bundle with an aim to prevent the dispersion and dampening of the light signal. AEFOS offers top class fiber optic ferrules made of zirconia, stainless steel and plastic. They also have high end fiber optic cleaner which are easy to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust that can hinder performance of optical fiber. These fiber optic cleaner can be used in routers, switches, fiber network panels and servers and are made from anti static resin with an extendable tip which is capable of reaching recessed connectors.

AEFOS offers superior quality fiber optic inspection scopes, a flexible fiber optic bundle where lens are used for surveillance purposes. Whatever you see through fiber optic inspection scopes, can also be recorded by connecting it with a video camera. You can also see in complete darkness through this device by using a special fiber called light guide.

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