Inside lining of the Air Jordan XII does not use the popular loop or inside boots, only the simplest material and a pair of slack pull buckle of the year 1997. Everything seems so genuine, just like the LOGO of Air Jordan in the red insole. There is a feeling of the king in 90s. Of course, all this can not provide the best function of friction. But for this type of Air Jordan XII which is covered by tanned leather fully, the package performance is good enough, when the wearing this kind of shoes the feet will not move traversed or sidewise, and this is what we want to have. The improvements of Air Jordan XII are obvious, and reduce the weight of the shoe, the style of Low Cut is most like this, and lighter than expected, continued the guard shoe concept and when you wearing it you won’thave obvious sense.

In the improvement, the former hands use the design of coloring match which is easy to scratch, and this is the different design for the series of the year 2000, so pay attention to it. The big bottom of the Air Jordan XII has an important position, the design of Herringbone on big bottom still appear to be the most outstanding big bottom decorative pattern. Provide the most outstanding grip performance, what’s more the large curved at the end of the design provide an excellent lateral support and the performance of lateral stability. The whole big bottom of Air Jordan XII could be the most perfect.
Having talked about the general situation of the Air Jordan XII, now talk about the advantages of Low Cut style Air Jordan shoes. First of all there is no doubt that the Low Cut can give you more cool in the hot summer, as the style of Mid have the limited for ankle, and reduce the space of the movement of sole of the foot, while after change to Low Cut, as it provide sufficient flexibility to the ankle, the ZOOM to the Low Cut seems more soft, and more paste feet, give up the design of the Footwear uppers and bring high enough acceleration, the style of Low Cut can make us feel like wearing ZOOM VAPER.
Generally speaking the Air Jordan XII just like an indomitable warrior under the hot sun, and make people to think the NBA Playoffs of year 1997. MJ like a soldier to charge in front and the Air Jordan XII wearing on the feet are out to kill, people can’thelp to blood fire. The performance to the Air Jordan XII and Air Jordan XII Low of this year’s Retro is quite well, even if it is a little flaw there still unable to conceal their dazzling performance.

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