All of us have seen the gap between the rockets and their rivals in rockets first game. Their rivals have superstars, they really could do nothing: Aldridge and Roy enjoy their play for fear that they can not prove that Portland Trail Blazers have completed their metamorphosis in the first game. The absence of Rockets superstars is not the lack of the source of spiritual power and fighting spirit to the other players, but the lost of former familiar feeling. Despite of playing so many preseason games, while they face the regular season, the rockets still need to take some time to adapt. Of course, the cost of scores is more reasonable.

While it is the time to face the Warriors, you should understand that these two teams are at the same level. They neither have absolute height, nor have solid defense that is as firm as a rock; they both have their own desire for victory hinges on the speed and the long-distance shots; in the vast majority of attacks round, they both only pass the ball one or twice or directly handle the ball dash to the basket. This kind of competition will certainly be very exciting; you could not figure out who is stronger until the last moment of the game; but thinking of yesterday’s game between Cavaliers and the Celtics, you will understand that the technical content of this competition really is not that high. For the Rockets, the real harvest should be a message: Before Tracy McGrady come back, Adelman should make it clear that who can become the core of the rockets.

All the competitions are just like two armies against with each other, what the coach need is a pioneer who not necessary to be very wise, but should be very decisive and confident, such as Brooks and Trevor Ariza. The two men have tried everything to the utmost, with the ideal data they two together help the Rockets finished with high marks. Brooks 18 points 12 assists, Trevor Ariza 25 points 5 boards 5 assists 2 snatches and one block shot. However, behind such a beautiful data, do you remember how many times Brooks delayed the offensive opportunities for the rockets? The act of passing only assist ball has always been seen as a selfish embodiment by the coach. These two vanguards have ability to fight into the hinterland of their rivals, but they can not become the core of the team. By the way, yesterday the Rockets had 18 turnovers, Trevor Ariza six times, Brooks five times.

Every army needs logistics units to escort army provisions, Chuck Hayes and Shane Battier are such support staff of the team. The strength that they showed up on defensive side actually is the bottom line of the Rockets. In the constant running and the bombardment, if it is not them who discarded personally offense to restrict their opponents, the Rockets was hard to win away openning. As for the young Landry, Lori, and Chase Budinger, they can successfully become Legatus, when the right of offense is given to them, they will not let you down.

I have excluded one by one, but maybe you have named out at the very beginning who will be the core of the Rockets before Tracy McGrady come back, that is, Luis Scola. You can not let him go wrestling with LaMarcus Aldridge, which never been his strong point, yesterday 3 points 4 boards 1 assist 3 turnovers 2 blocked shots and 4 foul are the proof. But the Argentine national team newly promoted captain has strong awareness, gorgeous footsteps, a stable offensive rhythm and excellent defense ability; in yesterday’s game he had showed all of these thoroughly. If Brook an passed most of the ball to Luis Scola to let him handle, I’ m sure that the Rockets can win Warriors at least 10 points. Scola is one of the two players in the Rockets who made no mistakes.

I do not know whether Adelman would thing of his Sacramento era to see the performance of Luis Scola, if by chance he takes interest again in Princeton, or even that he could invite founder of the Princeton tactics Pitt Carroll to, then after set Scola as the rockets core, it is worthwhile for all of us to have a look.

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