Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters to celebrate the forthcoming 2016 New Year

06 Jan

06, January 2016: People has looked forward to Christmas Day long before entering December. As the long-anticipated festival is approaching, almost everyone is thinking about how to mark this Christmas Day. Some of them get picking and choosing gifts for their kith and kin and others set out to decorate their own houses or stores. The forms of celebration are variable but the emotion is the same. Apart for the public, Airwheel is also set to celebrate the forthcoming Christmas Day in its own unique way. Airwheel, together with its intelligent self-balancing scooters, will welcome the arrival of Christmas Day.


The first model Airwheel will assign to welcome the arrival of Christmas Day is highly likely to be the newly released electric skateboard M3. M3 is a modern-day skateboard. It does not only stay traditional but also break through. Contrary to the traditional skateboard, M3 is powered by electricity. There is a powerful Sony-made battery group mounted on M3, which offers a long range of up to 45 km and a top speed of 18 km/h. This kind of electric skateboard is fairly labour-saving. The effortless ride will spare more time to the rider to view the surrounding sight.

The second electric self-balancing scooter stands to make public appearance on Christmas Day is S5. The electric self-balancing scooter S5 belongs to S-series family. The popular two-wheeled structure naturally allures a host of scooter-lovers and common beginners. Unlike another model S3, S5 is far more powerful and therefore positioned as a personal all-terrain vehicle (ATV). By its name, it is suitable for the off-road ride. Equipped with the wing in the front of bodywork, S5 can pass through and negotiate all paths and terrains regardless of toughness.


The last one must be the blend of contemporary tech and present design—A3. A series of advanced tech in the sector are wrapped into the electric scooter A3, for example the tech of suspension, and connection into the mobile phone. These tech is sufficient for you to experience.

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