San Diego Emergency Dentist Encourages Patients to Make Dental Health a Priority

06 Jan

Dr. Sonny Aryan Says Making Dental Health Resolutions Can Help Put Men and Women on the Path to Better Daily Dental Habits

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — As thousands of men and women are preparing to make health and wellness related New Year’s resolutions, Dr. Sonny Aryan, one of the leading emergency dentists in San Diego, is encouraging his patients to make dental health a priority. According to Dr. Aryan, making dental health resolutions can help men and women commit to making healthy teeth and gums a priority, and help them establish a more consistent and comprehensive daily dental health regimen.

“Often men and women resolve to eat healthier foods and exercise more and those are both wonderful resolutions,” said Dr. Aryan. “But I hope that people will consider making dental health a part of their renewed commitment to wellness. Good dental hygiene is proven to help combat heart disease, preserve memory, help stabilize sugar levels in diabetic patients and help to prevent the need for emergency dental services in San Diego.

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