Airwheel S5 SUV self-balancing scooters, born for outings or out-of-town races

06 Jan

06, January 2016: The battle field of S5 is not limited to the flat roads. Even in the natural and wild mountains, forests or desert areas, it also can gallop at full speed since it is born for outings to running trails or out-of-town races. Believed it or not, what you can or cannot imagine are all existing in Airwheel S5 electric scooter.


The good performance reflected in the uneven and hostile environment owes to the imported Panasonic lithium-ion power core. The core has strong battery capacity, lasts up to 5 years and only weighs 5kgs. Such a small battery pack contains 680wh electric energy, can be used circularly about 1800 times and takes about 8 hours to 100% charge state. So the core provide ultra-long power support system for the two wheeled electric scooter S5.

The whole new CPU carried in S5 makes the SUV scooter’ braking capacity stronger and the speed faster, even the response time only needs 0.03 second. That is to say that the more smooth and fluent riding experience feedback from riders benefits from the super-fast response time capacity. Despite you are climbing the hills, caving new trails in the desert or crossing the green grass lands, Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter will bring you an extraordinary riding experience.


The unique LED digital display screen of S5 can clearly show all the data, including the speed, temperature, battery and miles etc. so that riders can easily control it during their trip. The turn signal installed in the two wheeled intelligent scooter is also intelligent. In this case it is not so necessary to pay much attention to the lights since the turn lights are able to light up according to the directions of the scooter. So in fact it saves efforts and safety with this considerate design. Bring your courage and Airwheel S5 to go to the wild!

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